Open letter to President

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These are some mind boggling and mentally devastating news reported in some of the local newspapers:

’No barrier for MR to contest election from UPFA – MS’ – Daily Mirror

‘No objection’ to MR contesting General Election – Maithri’ – Ceylon Today

‘MR free to contest, but not as PM candidate – President’ – Daily News

’President Maithripala Sirisena assured Welgama and Ekanayake that he wouldn’t object to the former President joining the parliamentary election fray from any district’ – The Island.

Dear Mr. President, the people voted you into power to eradicate and root out those responsible for the devastation of our beloved country – and the chief architect of such devastation engineered by the so-called MR (Mahinda Rajapaksa), his siblings and his putrefied henchmen by way of robbing the country’s wealth in billions and trillions; by assassination of respectable citizens and media personnel who fearlessly spoke the truth, conspiring against the people of Sri Lanka together with astronomical corruption and degeneracy – you name it, every description of depravity in the book and those not in books - MR the fascist was the local dictator, worse than even Hitler.

You as President Mr. Sirisena, must be very careful in your choice of words and you must make very responsible statements when it comes to the question of the security of our country and its people and not kowtow in servility to your party.

Your party did not elect you Mr President – it is the general masses, the citizenry of the country, irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed, who were responsible in placing you on this chair of power today.

You are the President of Sri Lanka and we expect you to behave and act in accordance with your office as President of Sri Lanka, with decency and decorum – quite in contrast to the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime.

We would like to remind you:
1. Janaka Bandara Tennekoon made a public proclamation that he was reduced to tears when you expressed the pain, torture and agony that you suffered under MR for the past seven years.

2. We also remember the day you were overwhelmed with emotion when you mentioned that MR and his goons had planned the total destruction of you, your family and all your supporters, and you even mentioned that you and your family will be six feet underground if Rajapaksa had won the Presidential Election.

3. We also know how MR and his loathsome supporters, mainly the media personnel like Hudson Samarasinghe – the then chairman of the SLBC and some other disgusting members of Parliament were mobilized to insult, vilify, abuse and revile you, your family, the former President Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the most respectable venerable priests to the core.

4. It is also worthy of note that how a coup against your take-over was planned by MR and his supporters in the early hours of January 09th when the election results were being announced.

5. You were also voted into power by the people in the hope that you would be a deterrent example for all that is loathsome, revolting and nauseating the main characteristic of the previous regime and you would build a country with moral and ethical actions as the mainstay.

By making such unscrupulous, irresponsible proclamations that, “you have no objections in MR contesting any elections”, defeats all what you stand for and what the majority of the people of this country symbolize.

This announcement is like putting one drop of poison in a bucket of pure milk.

An ordinary man, who commits the lowest act of felony, is not in a position to get a decent job, because the police report that he has to submit will make a note of his misdemeanor thereby depriving him of earning a decent living.

MR - as the papers put it - has done more than a felony. His plundering, pillaging of the country’s treasury and the murder and mayhem that he had crippled the country with is universally known which every nook and corner of every village knows.

And you, Mr. President, instead of grounding him publicly and openly declaring to the country and the world, that such harmful and damaging persons can never ever be given a ticket to contest any election; you went out of the way to acknowledge his nomination.

What is the message that you are giving the youth, the growing younger generation?

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