Golden opportunity for President

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Our beautiful country was redeemed with the greatest of difficulties from the vestiges of imminent devastation, murder, plunder and pillage. Marxists, who supported the previous presidency for their personal advantages, are now feeling the pinch of their aggrandizement and their inability to continue with their felonious lifestyle are doing everything and anything in their power to harass and plague the government, the people and the media with their disinformation and misinformation.

Misinformation is deliberately disseminated in order to influence and confuse the innocent citizens of this country. If this continues unabated, the evil forces will continue at full strength and intensify to destroy this hard-earned freedom and protection.

It is high-time that the President Maithripala Sirisena delivered the goods using the possession of his controlling influence and executive powers to the utmost and took all those perpetrators who nearly demolished the country into custody first, and then initiate proper investigations, criminal or otherwise, in order to establish rigorous justice without fear or favor.

 In order to implement this line of action, the incumbent president should first and foremost dissolve Parliament immediately. It is disgusting and nauseating to hear the news media addressing all those good-for-nothing marauders and predators as “Amethithumani”.

The president, who will be in this most honorable and estimable executive office for a period of five years, should form and institute a cabinet of members and to designate, highly qualified, well-experienced and honest individuals with complete moral character and integrity to address the issues in the country, and to take action as is necessary for the progress of our beloved country – Sri Lanka at least for a minimum period of two years.

Once the aim of establishment of justice and the quality of good governance is fulfilled then call for the much clamored for general elections. We appeal to President Maithripala Sirisena this is the one and only favorable combination of circumstances that you have been conferred with by the people of Sri Lanka. Please do not miss this golden opportunity.

The people of this country have suffered excruciating pains and they cannot suffer any more.

The people trust you and are depending on you Mr. President to implement the right thing. If you fall short of theses expectations or fail them, the country will be shattered to smithereens and once again dragged down an abyss. But this time there will be no reparation, no restitution and no redemption; it will be total disintegration and complete annihilation of both the country and its people.
S. A. Zulkifli

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