Punishment trivial for daredevil drivers

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A few days ago we saw on TV news a motorbike rider riding in a lightning speeding killing a schoolboy on the spot. The victim may be wrong in crossing the road without looking either side of the road. But if the rider had been on a moderate speed the life could have been saved.

Speeding has become a menace to the public. So many accidents caused by speeding had already killed so many innocent people.

Though the police prosecute such speeding drivers, they pay the ‘worthless fines’ and repeat their feat. What price is a human life if met with a fatal accident?

Therefore, the fine for such an offence should be raised to twenty or twenty-five thousand rupees if they are to obey the law. Where the punishment is simple, whether of jail term or fine, depending on the case, it will be repeated.

The traffic police should be attentive in detecting the speeding drivers and riders as they may cause a death at any time including somebody of the traffic police unit itself.
Nazly Cassim

Last modified on Friday, 08 May 2015 09:10

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