Grilling the Nilame

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We, Buddhists, are grateful to the Asgiriya Mahanayake for protesting to the President against the humiliation of the Diyawadana Nilame by, now infamous, the FCID. Two hundred years ago, the British rulers solemnly swore to protect the religion of the ‘Boodhoo’. We never imagined that independent Sri Lanka would spit on this undertaking. However, this did happen when a few days ago the Police, under the Christian Affairs Minister (!), hauled the lay custodian of the Sacred Dalada, before a dubious unit in a blaze of media publicity.  Were the President and Buddhist Affairs Minister ever consulted? Who is responsible for this blatantly unethical act? It is no secret that the Cabinet boasts of a few articulate evangelicals dedicated to the unethical conversion of Buddhists.
As a Buddhist, I am saddened that we have not yet heard a whimper of protest from our other Mahanayakas, Buddhist organizations or the ‘bhikkus’, demonstrating on streets and before railway stations . They have taken it lying down while the Sacred Dalada has been blatantly insulted and degraded.  
Saddened Buddhist

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