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The night of March 23rd

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The prefects’ guild and the Drama Club of Colombo International School are prepared to raise the curtains for their annual production. The school has a proud history of dramatic productions and this year too the cast have worked round the clock to bring its audience two days of theatre. The feast of plays begins with three one act plays on the 7th of March titled “NO WHY” and a Jeffery Archer thriller – THE NIGHT OF MARCH 23RD on the 8th of March. Both productions will begin at 7.30pm at the CIS Auditorium.
The 7th of March will have a mixture of comedy and serious theatre. The evening opens with a bureau which provides husbands for potential ladies. The play deals with a variety of ladies looking forward to finding suitable husbands, but unfortunately only one man arrives, but the story works out just fine.

 The mood changes to David, a differently-abled child who visits his sisters for his 32nd birthday. A play which grapples a serious viewpoint about priorities and family ties and choices one is forced to make due to the pressure of being in love. The curtain falls on the 7th of March with its final play with Jake, a story about a boy who has committed a serious offense. His entire family blames him for the disappointment he has caused and they all wait in anticipation for him to say “Sorry”. A cast of 18, ranging from the ages of 15 to 18 will bring to life some of the most grappling issues of life.

The production on the 8th of March is about two leading lawyers coming head to head with a case which would finally end a long standing feud between them. A leading lawyer is accused of killing his ailing wife. His rival lawyer shows no mercy in his cross examination. The play also shows the relationship between the accused and his wife. It is up to the audience, who are the jury, to decide the fate of the leading lawyer.

 The production is handled entirely by the prefects body of CIS and is presented by the Drama Club.  The plays are directed by Vinodh Senadeera, the head of Performing Arts at CIS.
 The theatre festival is a blend of a variety of emotions performed by an enthusiastic and talented cast. A Must Watch for all those theatre enthusiasts.

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