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Topic of the week - Is Makeup important?

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Is makeup really necessary for women? Do you think that women wear all these make up because they just want to look good or they want to attract the opposite sex and make the men admire them?

 I love makeup, and I feel wearing makeup does give one confidence, but overdoing it and spending hours wearing is a waste of time.

Naomi De Silva
 I am dark and I wear makeup to lighten my complexion, it makes me feel good.  The last thing I want to do is to attract guys; guys don’t go for looks, nowadays they go for personality.

 I love when women are natural, and not overdo themselves, but today women are too obsessed with themselves and not with work.

Women with the least amount of makeup attract me, and I don’t like women who overdo themselves and spend hours in front of the mirror. And I also hate women who run to the salon to dress up even for a tea party.

 Today women are influenced by advertisements where each company claims its products are better than the competitior. So they start investing heaps of money on makeup and things. And the worst is when they ask how their mascara or lipstick looks on them.  How sad! We don’t care because mascara is mascara and lipstick is lipstick.

Well, makeup has become a girl’s best friend, and today even the ordinary woman has lipstick or at least a powder pack in her bag. This is not to attract men, but a confidence booster and it makes you feel good yourself, and looking and dressing well
is an important factor these days.

 Being a classical dancer, makeup plays a
huge part in my life, but today I see 12-years-old girls wearing make up and spending hours in front of the mirror.  This is bad.  They are wasting their childhood. To me being natural is beautiful
and it does not require makeup to be
beautiful. Waking up in the morning and still looking good, that’s beauty to me.

Question of the Week
There is a local mindset in our society that women that one you go past 25 years, chances of marriage and getting good men decline. Do you think that girls should get married before 25 or leave it till later?
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