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Thimira turns draws into wins

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 THIMIRA KAVINDA  Uyanhewage is a 17-year-old ruggerite from Nalanda College, Colombo. The wing three-quarter was a part of his school team which clinched the Zahira Sevens rugby trophy earlier this year. Despite being a crucial member of the team, he is also a regular figure of Nalanda chess and volleyball teams. This budding sport star looks to balance both sports and education at this point of his life.

What made you take interest in rugby?
Actually, I first started to play chess was way back in 2003. I have seen my senior School play rugby. My interest in the sport grew gradually as I saw them play.

You are also a part of school’s volleyball team. Tell us how that happened?
I joined the school volleyball team after doing a decent job in the practice sessions in 2009.

Having involved in three sports, how do you manage to balance them with your academic activities?
To be honest, it has been difficult. But so far I have been successful in balancing both aspects.

What role did your school play in helping you become a good sportsman?
My school has played a huge role in making me a good sportsman! My school has backed me in whatever extra curricular activities I have done.

Which sport do you enjoy the most?
It has to be rugby, because the competitiveness in the sport is unbelievable. But I’m not taking anything away from chess and volleyball. Both are great games. But if I had to pick one I’d go for rugby.

Who have been your biggest fans/supporters?
My parents and sister have been supporting me all the way; they were always right behind me, and also not to forget my friends.
Did you face any obstacles during this whole time?
Well, time management is always a massive problem when you represent your school in three different sports. I have faced problems managing my time because of this. To be frank, I still have problems in managing my time.

What are your plans for the future?
At the moment, I study Commerce for my Advanced Level examinations. I want to finish it with good results. Once I’m done with that, then I would look to do well in sports as well.

What advice to have to someone who wants to be like you?
I think all students should enjoy their school life. But, they should face the challenges with confidence and be tough enough to convert them into opportunities which will ultimately take you to a great position.

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