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What’s the color of the year 2014?

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Who could forget Tangerine Tango or Honeysuckle? Emerald or Mimosa? Pantone’s color of spring 2014 was just announced…and chances are you already own it. Introducing, Dazzling Blue, a peppy shade of cobalt that Pantone’s executive director noted was a practical shade women were already likely to own (if you recognize it, Pantone states that it’s also the color of Facebook and Citibank’s bike-sharing program). Funnily, it’s a shade less dazzling than Yves’ Klein Blue, which was the hot hue in fall ‘11. A touch less blinding, we can definitely see this shade covering everything from structured totes to oversized topcoats to patent sandals that’d be just the ticket to elevating our spring outfit game (are you listening, designers?).

This shade is described as a 'peppy shade of cobalt.'  Nice! What a great way to add a pop of color to your spring wardrobe. Plus, blue, like black, seems to be a safe, go-to color that lots of women may already have in their closets. Don’t fret if you don’t. There will be lots of items available to fill that void.

Yes, the company who predicts color trends -- and thusly what shades we’ll be obsessed with -- has chosen this particular and peppy tone of cobalt as the hottest hue for the coming year. The purpose of the color? According to Racked, it was chosen by Pantone’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman’s, for its practicality. Most people already have a version of the color in their closets.

The good news is that Dazzling Blue, a slighted more muted tone of cobalt yet more vibrant than navy, is a color many women are likely to already own. Pantone compares the shade to Facebook’s 'social butterfly blue' and Citibank’s 'bike sharing program.'
“It’s much more of a motivator from a sales point of view because who doesn’t already own something navy?” says Eiseman in a release.

The company predicts this color is going to be at the helm of fashion designers’ spring 2014 creations, but suggest that because not every woman is interested in wearing such a bold color, a more modest hue of blue, Placid Blue, is a good alternative. Luckily, that shade ranked number seven on their list.

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