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I woke up in Kandy
to the sound of morning
sneaking too soon through the window
with no screen and pink mosquito netting.
The rhythmic, religious hum of monks,
and chirps and trills of bird songs
slipped into my ears and pulled me steadily from my dreams,
as I watched them lead clouds
the color of old elephants across the sky.
The elephants they rolled on,
steady as air
until they tucked themselves into the mountain.
The nocturnal pachyderms at rest,
pale, sleepy blue skies opened
and somewhere below,
I imagine the water fowl on the lake
rippling as they glide to great one another.
That thought was allowed to be carried off
by a light breeze down the hill.
But it was caught off guard, and slung back to me
as a heavy-wheeled truck went by the balcony.
I could not tell if the monk’s song had ended,
or just got blended into the buzzing traffic below.
If I could hush the city, perhaps the sound would still be there,
was actually always there,
moving to the crest of mountains.
The sound of men trying to mimic the cyclical, rhythmic
pregnant moments of a time-lapsed day.
But I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
between their chants
and the sound of sky elephants sleeping.
 But maybe,
this has always been the morning hum,
the buzzing in my head,
and I’m too deaf to hear it.

Shelby Ward

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