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“It was raw state power that brought Mohan Peiris in as de facto CJ. It’s the same state power that has brought back Shirani B as CJ” - Guruparan Kumaravadivel couldn’t have said it better.

Can all the ‘good governance’ advocates, advocate the following, or provide answers to them

1. On what grounds was the husband of Dr. Bandaranayake appointed to the post of Chairman of the National Savings Bank?

2. The then President, Mahinda Rajapaksa openly said that Dr. Bandaranayake canvassed for such appointment. If so, is it going to be investigated?

3. What was the procedure used when the appointment was made?

4. Was there a calling for applications, an interview, or any such procedure followed?

5. If not, will her use of “political power” be investigated?

6. If investigated and found guilty, will the law take its normal course, or is the establishment going to be too blinded for any of that nonsense?

7. How is the appointment of the Chief Justice any different from the appointment of the Governor of the Central Bank? (A letter, in this instance, or a flawed process and they were told to go)

8. What happens to the Supreme Court judgement/order/ruling, which overturned the Court of Appeal verdict which quashed the findings of the Parliament Select Committee? The Supreme Court in effect (if I’m not mistaken) said that proper procedure was followed with regard to the PSC (I’m subject to being corrected).

9. Minister Rajitha Senarathne was a member of that “Select Committee”. Why is he not been questioned on his role and the findings they came to? Or is he going to hide behind the Mahinda Rajapaksa syndrome?

10. The initial appointment of Dr. Bandaranayake was contested because it was an inherently political appointment. She was appointed at the behest of the then president CBK. Will this process of appointment be done away with, or are we continue to see this joke of a circus?

11. Why were there negotiations to give him a “safe way out” as was the response by the President of the BASL - when asked to why they offered Rome to him, if, in fact, the position was that he never was CJ. Isn’t the “offer” as contradictory to a stance as something can get?

There are many other questions that we seem to forget/overlook due to the circus which I don’t want to pen down here. Let us not forget that she was not ‘lily white’ as S.L. Gunasekara said during her impeachment. Make no mistake, the impeachment was illegal and as a journalistic community we stood by her throughout, till today. Yet, there are questions that need to be answered. If not, the mandate by the people was nothing more than a “change of pillows for the headache”.

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