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 The misdeeds of any government must be made public so as to educate the common man The misdeeds of any government must be made public so as to educate the common man Picture courtesy – (AFP)

It is very saddening to see the good willed new government struggling to achieve the “numbers” in the future elections. All and sundry are talking about ‘winning the election” and “coming to power”. This is all the politicians are interested in and the betterment of the nation is not even mentioned in the passing! The blatant lack of shame in showing the lack of sincerity among politicians is terrible indeed.

If the actual intention is the country’s welfare, giving up the greed for power will be easy. But as we see, politicians, except a very few, in spite of many changes of heart and color, have not changed much actually.

Why cannot the members of the Opposition see that all together can bring a truly proud Sri Lanka in all aspects? There will be fruits for all to share. With the blatant knowledge of what the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government did, it is amazing that the politicians – and even the common people –are clamoring to bring him back to power. Do they really think the majority Sri Lankans to be so naïve that they can forget the atrocities in such short time? If we cannot see the truth for what it is, then we are in for a greater shock.

Two things need to be done soon. One is to publicize the misdeeds of the earlier government very widely and continuously till the common man in Moneralgala and the little village hidden beyond Matara know it thoroughly and well. Do not let the people forget what they have been robbed right and left. This is not witch hunting or revenge. Facts must be told as they are, repeatedly until they are absolutely and properly understood and remembered. Yes we Sri Lankans have very short memories, but that does not mean that it is justified.

Prophet (sal) said, “A believer does not fall into the same pit twice.”

Secondly, all the politicians need to be engaged in dialogue to make them see the need to be united in putting the nation in its best footing.  All such discussions must be open and made public so that there is no horse trading and bribing. There can be power sharing and rotational leadership, not to plunder the treasures of the nation as one politician unashamedly and openly proclaimed before election. Power sharing should be done to build a country worthy of the good people that Sri Lanka has produced.
Is that too much to hope for?

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