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How mini-budget proposals perform in the market

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The 100 day Program by the Maithri-Ranil regime, had two parts and those were the 100 days calendar and the 100 tasks for the period. Here, The Nation conducted a market research to look into how the new government’s price reduction on essential items works out.

The Nation learnt that the prices of certain items among the 13 items, of which the prices were reduced following the 2015 Mini-Budget,are not still reduced as promised in the major outlets in the country.

The price of sugar at one of the major supermarkets is Rs. 125 per kilogram which exceeds the budget price range which is determined to be between Rs. 70 and Rs. 90.

The price of 1 kilo of wheat flour is Rs. 128 in the same super market also exceeds the budget price range which is between Rs. 75 to Rs. 90. It was also found that 1 kilo of wheat flour is sold at Rs. 102 in the government controlled Sathosa which exceeds the budget price range. 

The prices of 1 kilo of wheat flour at another super market are Rs. 106.50 and Rs. Rs. 115 varying according to two brands. The price of 425g canned fish at the same super market is Rs. 220which should be Rs. 205 according to the assigned budget price.

The price of 1 kilo of turmeric powder at one grocery shop is Rs. 545 while exceeding the assigned budget price range which is in between Rs. 250 and Rs. 275.  Milk powder is sold at the budget price in all the super markets and the grocery shops which is Rs. 325. The earlier price of 400g milk powder was Rs. 386. According to the price reduction following the 2015 budget proposal, the price was reduced by Rs. 61.Sustagen is also sold at the promised price in the major super markets.

Accordingly some of the prices remain at the earlier price while some of the prices have exceeded the maximum price assigned by the Consumer affairs Authority (CAA) following the 2015 Budget Proposal.

Accordingly, it is obvious that though the government has slashed the prices of 13 essential items following the 2015 budget proposal, the prices at major super markets are not still reduced. The reduction of prices of 13 items was a part of the 100- Day program. But at the end of the 100 days the promised benefits are yet to reach the consumers.

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