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Living with memories of unfulfilled promises

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The new regime which planned a 100 day program had penned down 100 tasks in its agenda. It also had a 100 Day Diary for certain identified events. The 100 Day Diary or the 100 Day Calendar has around 25 events; 9 events for the months of January, seven for February, six for March and two for April.

Most were eying only these events which the government promised under this plan. The program began with the promise of “appointing a Cabinet of Ministers not exceeding 25. That cabinet was to include members of all political parties represented in Parliament. These appointments, made on January 11, included the appointed of one time Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe. However, the Cabinet was set up on January 10, a day before, but, later the promise was broken when more ministers were appointed. It also didn’t keep with the promise of ensuring that “all political parties will be represented in Parliament” because the Liberal party had been neglected.

They also promised to set up a National Advisory Council representing individuals from political parties and civil organizations. But, the citizenry didn’t see a single civil society representation there. The body also became a National Executive Council, when set up.  Parliament met as promised, but the passing of the 19th Amendment to strengthen independent commissions and curtail the powers of the executive was delayed. The Amendment was presented in Parliament only on April 20 and is yet to be passed.

The proposed change of the electoral system was passed only at Cabinet and hasn’t been presented in Parliament. The promised ‘All Party Committee’ was not seen, regarding this matter.  ‘The Code of Conduct for the people’s representatives’ became a blatant lie as no one was ready to speak about it. However, they called for a vote and reduced the prices of several essential items.

Right to Information Bill was also passed in the Cabinet and is yet to be presented in House. National Drugs Policy was brought and passed in House. Setting up a Constitutional Council and establishing a parliamentary system instead of the Executive Presidential System didn’t take place due to the delay in passing the 19th Amendment. Sources say that the new electoral system will come in the extended parliament next week as the 20th Amendment to the Constitution.  
The dissolution of Parliament was due on April 23 according to the 100 Day Program, but the government continues even today. It has also promised a caretaker government during this period, till the next parliamentary election is held. We are also yet to see the appointing of a prime minister from the party that obtains the most number of votes. The party which obtains the second highest votes will have the opportunity to name the deputy prime minister.


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