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I fear for FM Sarath Fonseka

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Memorial to Hasalaka Gamini at Elephant Pass (en.accademic.ru) Memorial to Hasalaka Gamini at Elephant Pass (en.accademic.ru)

Maybe I am over-dreaming, but then it’s something totally beyond my control. 

I am walking. Walking in the North.  I came to Elephant Pass.  I wanted to see the monument in honor of Hasalaka Gamini. Hasalaka Gamini is a national hero because he fought to rid the country of the menace of terrorism.  So, whenever I come this way I make it a point to visit the monument. 

I was shocked!  The bulldozer that Gamini had destroyed by exploding himself was gone.  His statue was gone.  It was in pieces on the ground. 

I ran to see what happened to the monument for that other hero, the officer Aludeniya. Gone!  In pieces on the ground!  Who did this?  And  why?  I had no idea.

I walked away. Maybe this fate had befallen all such war memorials.  I was tired. Sad.  I wandered into a tea shop.  As I sipped my cup of plain tea I shared my grief with the mudalali.

‘’It’s a shame, isn’t it mudalali? They need not have brought down those monuments. 

He lifted his glasses and looked at me: ‘What are you talking about?’

‘The Aladeniya monument,’ I answered. 

‘The war is over.  There’s no point talking about these things.’ 

I realized that if I stayed too long what happened to these memorials might happen to me as well.  I paid the money and left. 

I was accosted by someone who had overheard the conversation: ‘I heard what the mudalali said.  They have got the TNA votes and are now doing what the TNA says.’ 

‘So they are giving orders to destroy the memory of those who saved the nation?’

‘Yes, absolutely!”

‘I can’t bear what they are doing to the memory of our heroes,’ I said tearfully.

‘There’s no point crying.  They are all gone now, after all,’ he tried to comfort me.

‘No, no, it’s not about them.  I am sad about the man who is still alive.’


‘Well if they did this to the Gaminis and Aladeniyas what will happen to the “Marshall uniform” and all those stars on it?’ I was weeping bitterly now and that’s when I fell off the bed. 

In my half-awake, half-asleep state, I couldn’t help murmuring, ‘All the gods must ensure that unlike I who dreams in his sleep, the others must be kept awake and protect our beloved Field Marshall mahaththaya’. 

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