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Crocodiles to meet in Colombo

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Crocodile lovers will meet in Colombo for the 22nd working meeting of the IUCN-SSC, World Crocodile Conference, organized by the Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG),which will be held at the Goldi Sands Hotel Negombo from May 20 to 23.
The CSG working meeting is an international event where scientists, university students, conservationists, and individuals from the commercial sector discuss issues on a wide range of topics related to research, conservation, management, and sustainable use of crocodilians, including the “Human Crocodile Conflict”.

Parallel to this, a hands-on-training session will be conducted at the National Zoological Gardens on May 19. Participants of the Crocodile Conference will be allowed to participate for the hands-on-training. This is the first hand on training session on crocodiles, in South Asia.

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