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TRC launches ‘National Roaming’

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The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has introduced ‘National Roaming’ to Sri Lanka where the customer is enabled to switch mobile connections automatically, when there is a network coverage issue.
 Two mobile network operators are offering this service to customers. The facility is available for other operators too, if and when they need it, TRC Director General Anusha Palpita told The Nation.

Explaining the nature of the technology, the TRC chairman said the facility enables the customer to switch to another connection if his existing connection encounters a network-coverage issue .  
“For example, you’re a customer of one of these telecommunications network service providers and you’re in Kataragama. You don’t have coverage from your service provider there. If that’s the case, you will automatically switch to the other. However, you will not know that this has happened. It will be as if you’re using your own service provider”, Palpita explained.    

However, customers are not being charged for this facility, Palpita emphasized. He noted it was the responsibility of the mobile network operator to provide maximum coverage and therefore they cannot charge a customer for the ‘National Roaming’ facility since it’s requested by the operator and not the customer.

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