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Do you know what is in your sausage?

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What is a sausage? Is it just meat or something else?

If it is meat, then there is the question as to what meat it is. Does it also mean that sausages contain the same ingredients and components that are mentioned on the labels of their packaging?
Countries that have much higher standards than us have fallen prey to unscrupulous suppliers who have been known to disguise one meat as the other. Recently there was a scandal in the UK where popular UK based food chain Burgher King,

was forced to admit that its burghers, over the years, had been adulterated with horse meat. Burgher King, in other words, had used horse meat instead of beef.That news sent shock waves through the United Kingdom and had consumers across the country in an uproar.
A similar question can be asked of Sri Lankan food suppliers.  Can they assure the quality of sausages we consume?

Recently, a well-known super market chain conducted a massive advertising campaign asking customers what they think of the quality of the sausages they buy. Although they asked questions about the quality, they did not give any parameters to consumers on which the quality of sausages could be measured.

A simple example is the casing of sausages which, according to experts, is a direct heath hazard as they are made of components which are detrimental to health. But most consumers are not aware of the health threats they pose; nor do the food supply chains, understandably, speak of the actual problems with regard to the consumption of sausages. The hoopla about Halal certification poses a serious question about the quality of food we consume and adherence to standards. Some argue that if Halal certification was followed, the Burgher King scandal in the UK would not have surfaced.

With the absence of a mechanism to determine the quality of the sausages we consume, one can reasonably say that sausages, mostly favoured by our younger generation are actually a health hazard.
In this context, isn’t it a prudent move to introduce a “halal certification” for sausages?

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