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Annular solar eclipse on May 10

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An annular solar eclipse will occur on May 10 with its greatest point reaching about 5.27 am. This eclipse occurring in the 4th quarter of Berana (Bharana) constellation in Aries will not be visible to Sri Lanka. It is visible from Northern Australia and Pacific Ocean countries east of French Polynesia.

The ancient Indian Rishis have stipulated that no Subha Muhurtas (auspicious moments) be selected not on only the day of the occurrence of a solar or a lunar eclipse but also within three days before and after its occurrence.
The Rishis have also laid down the principle that no auspicious event falling in the sign (Rashi) or the constellation (Nakshatra) where an eclipse has occurred be arranged within a 15-day period accounting for the day of the occurrence of the eclipse and seven days before and after its occurrence.

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