Mahinda Rajapaksa’s final message

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My dear people,
Today I accept with great respect the people’s verdict. Accordingly, I hand over the post of President that I held to Mr Maithripala Sirisena today. In 2005, as per the Mahinda Chinthana, I stated that I was not the ruler of this country but only its temporary custodian. And just as I fulfilled all that I promised in Mahinda Chinthana, this is the moment to give credence to that statement. As I leave the post of custodian, I have a request to make from all the citizens of this country. Resting in the good earth of our land are thousands of children who gave their lives to unite our nation and expel the fear of death from your minds. I ask you to protect all those in the security forces, the Police and the Civil Defence Force. My dear children, sons and daughters all, I have united a beautiful country for you. I wish without reservation all strength and courage to the new President to rule this country in a way that the mothers of our land will be without tears. I offer with the greatest affection to him the children who were once under my charge with great affection. May the future be bright for all and may you be blessed by the Noble Triple Gem!

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