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KP still in Kilinochchi

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Contrary to certain media reports and claims by spokespersons of President Maithripala Sirisena, ex-LTTE leader Selvarasah Pathmananthan, alias Kumaran Pathmanathan, alias ‘KP’ has not left Sri Lanka but is still in Kilinochchi under protective custody, it has been revealed.

Certain media reports, both local and foreign, had stated yesterday that KP had left the country through the VIP Lounge at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). Speaking to journalists yesterday, MP Rajitha Senaratne, one of President Sirisena’s spokespersons, echoed the claim, saying they suspected KP had fled overseas and were investigating the matter.

However, political commentator D.B.S. Jeyaraj, writing in his blog, refuted these claims, stating he had phoned KP upon hearing the claims, only to be told by the latter that he was still very much in Sri Lanka.  In fact, Pathmanathan is still at his ‘usual residence’ in Thiruvaiyaaru, Kilinochchi, Jeyaraj stated in his report.

“When I asked him about the news report, he (KP) replied that he was aware of it but was helpless. He said that there had been several news reports about him in the past which were factually incorrect. KP said he hoped the authorities concerned would set the record straight in due course that he had not left the country and that he was in Kilinochchi,” KP is quoted as telling Jeyaraj.

KP had also claimed he had not participated in any election related activity and that he had stayed aloof from politics, concentrating only on looking after the children in the orphanages under his care. 

KP who formed a Non-Governmental Organization known as the North – Eastern Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NERDO) administers three registered orphanages through it.

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