Govt confirms resign-for-DPL-post talks

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President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), Upul Jayasuriya, yesterday told The Nation that the BASL had nothing against the Chief Justice going on a diplomatic posting, be it to Rome or anywhere else as long as he does not remain the Chief Justice. “We don’t care even if he goes as the Commissioner General of Prisons,” he quipped.

The BASL yesterday cancelled at the last minute, a media briefing organized to convey its stance on whether it would continue to recognize the Chief Justice and what action its members would take. This followed a meeting of the BASL Executive Committee held at the BASL Secretariat. Accordingly, the BASL said it would hold a media briefing tomorrow (January 26) to convey its decision. However, when queried whether this meant the BASL has not been able to make a decision at yesterday’s meeting, Jayasuriya said they had indeed made a decision but he could not divulge it till tomorrow.  The Nation also questioned the BASL president on what the association intended to do in the event the Chief Justice chose not to resign from his post, to which he replied, “Let’s wait and see”.

Meanwhile, a senior Cabinet Minister confirmed that the CJ 44 agreed to step down from the CJ post as he was assured a diplomatic post in a foreign country. When he was questioned how the Maithripala Government could go for ‘such bribes’, he said that the timely and practical issue is CJ 44’s stepping down. The Minister assured that the government will never leave a single allegation against him without proper probes and all will be investigated.  “The justice will take place and nothing to worry”, he added.

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