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Ranil promises ‘National Govt’ after General Election

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday stated that the next general election will pave the way for a national government, comprising members of both the main political parties, the United National Party and Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Addressing the UNP’s Kandy district organizers, members and supporters, the Prime Minister said the present Parliament will be dissolved on April 23 as promised in the 100 Days’ Program and a general election be held.

He also commented on Casino King James Packer’s decision to not invest in Sri Lanka and said that the new government does not need mega projects which steal plots of land belonging to the poor man.  He also justified not reducing the price of rice saying that such a decision would affect the farming community.

Wickremesinghe in his speech mentioned the names of four people whom he named as ‘The Four Gods’ who were with the former UPFA Government and enjoyed all benefits. The people who named as ‘The Four Gods’ were Dhammika Perera, Sumal Perera, Nimal Perera and Pathirage.

He also said that with the blessings of the Central Bank Chief and Treasury Secretary, they were making their pockets fat. He referred to Dr. PB Jayasundara as a witch-doctor and Ajith Nivard Cabraal as a match-maker.

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