Rewards outstanding tele-artistes on June 12

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Raigam Annual Tele-award ceremony

The Kingdom of Raigam announces that the Raigam Tele’es; the annual tele-award ceremony will be held on June 12 at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre for the 11th consecutive year. The Kingdom of Raigam Dr. Ravi Liyanage said that the ceremony has already become the country’s national tele-awards ceremony as it covers all the areas of tele-industry. He also said that their effort is to bring the event to the international standard such as the Grammy or Film Fare.

Under the tele-drama excellence awards, there are 23 categories and 19 categories such as best programs will come under the television media excellence awards. The event also includes three popular awards on tele-drama, actor and actress. The popular awards are given on the votes sent by the general public via the Short Message Service (SMS). The SMS voting will be open from May 10 to June 10 to select the popular actor, actress, and tele-drama.

Four more awards will be awarded under the category of appreciations for selected great personalities in the field as well as the Channel of the year.  This year the panel of judges is headed by renowned artiste Buddhadasa Galapapaththi and other members are Prof. Patrick Ratnayake, Gunasiri Silva, Jayantha Rukmani Siriwardene, MD Mahindapala, Ranasinghe Dissanayake, Inoka Sathyangani and Prof. SJ Yogarajah.

As introduced last year, the The Raigam also holds a “Nominations Evening” where all the nominees are appreciated just before the finale comes. More details can be obt ained dialing on Raigam Tele’es Secretariat 0114886777 or 0114886888.

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