CEB nets 3199 power pirates in 2014

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The Ceylon Electricity Board’s (CEB) Special Investigations Unit nabbed 3199 power pirates who had been using electricity illegally in 2014. The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has collected over Rs.212 million (Rs.212, 777,977.03) from the raids which were conducted island-wide, the Ministry of Power and Energy states. Rs.191 million has been earned from these raids as lost revenue while Rs.21 million has been reclaimed as court costs.

The Special Investigations Unit conducted these raids upon the advice of Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka. A total of 2077 incidents in which the persons have altered electricity meters and 1122 incidents have been recorded using hooks to steal electricity.

The aim of these raids is to prevent illegal electricity consumption in domestic, industry and economic sectors. According to the minister, the CEB has been able to provide electricity to 96 percent of the country. The minister also mentioned the fact that Illegal power tapping causes damages to the national economy, the CEB said in a statement.

The ministry requests the general public to report incidents related to power pirates to CEB special Investigations Unit on 2422259.

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