Lankans fear the police not the law - Ex-police spokesman

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“If law and order is maintained in a country, none can stop that country being peaceful. If you see the situation in several other countries, people respect the law, but are not afraid of the law. In our country, what we have been taught is to be afraid of police and disregard law and order, said former Police Spokesperson SSP Prishantha Jayakody who arrived in the country last week having claimed asylum in Australia.

The former SSP, who was in Australia during the last 20 months under political protection, ‎told the media that he had to leave Sri Lanka due to threats to his life for taking efforts to safeguard and respect of the Police Uniform.

‎Admitting that he arrived back in the country due to confidence on the 'Good Governance Regime', he said ‎he sees the Police Department still has barriers when keeping the peace in the country. He was of the view that any case should not be dragged for long and should be sorted out soon if the police need to receive the confidence of the general public.

Jayakody also said that he found that threatening calls on his life were generated from the numbers registered under the Ministry of Defence.

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