Elections Dept. seeks public help to rectify NIC errors

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As there were reports that the names of voters have not been correctly registered in the Electoral Register, according to the National Identity Card and that the National Identity Card numbers have not been entered correctly in the Register, it is intended to make suitable amendments therein, after collecting relevant information, from the voters, the Department of Elections states.

Those who have found that their names or NIC numbers, or names and NIC numbers or any other information had been erroneous indicated in the Electoral Register are requested to submit all relevant information such as the relevant district, Polling Division (formerly electorate), polling district number (if known), Grama Niladhari Division, household number, address, full name and National Identity Card number along with a copy of the National Identity Card to the Commissioner of Elections, Elections Secretariat, Sarana Mawatha, Rajagiriya or to the Assistant Registering Officer of the respective District Elections Office, by post/by hand on or before 25.03.2015.

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