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International schools to be regulated

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Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said the Ministry will regulate international schools throughout the island and a high level committee appointed to consider the matter has already met.

Speaking to The Nation, the minister stated the committee comprised both education ministry officials and outsiders, including representatives of international schools.

Proposals currently under discussion include introducing regulations that require all international schools to be registered with the Ministry of Education as well as the introduction of a licensing scheme for such schools, the minister revealed. Currently, most international schools are registered under the Companies Act and operate as businesses.

Kariyawasam observed the previous government had been pressurized by ‘influential sections’ of the international school community who were part of earlier committees to stop the introduction of a regulatory mechanism.

“However, I have told officials not to let such people into this committee. There are honest and respectable people representing international schools and they will be invited to participate in the process,” he explained.

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