‘I am clueless how things are happening’

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Prof. Wijesinha says

State Minister of Higher Education Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, who was a front runner to form this government, is still waiting to hear from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe whether his letter of resignation has been accepted by the latter. Speaking to The Nation, Wijesinha said he even returned his monthly salary, which he had received in the form of a cheque, and had requested only half of it.

Minister Wijesinha said that the response he had received for his letter was a phone call from Higher Education Minister Kabir Hashim. He had asked Wijesinha to participate in an event in Trincomalee, last Tuesday. “After eleven days of stunning silence, Kabir Hashim rang me last Monday. His officials have arranged his schedules without his knowledge and he wanted me to attend that. I explained my situation and refused,” Wijesinha said.

He (Hashim) also informed me that a new appointment will be made to the University Grants Commission and I can have a look at the list of the names at the Prime Minister’s office. Though I was not surprised, I questioned why the list is lying at the Temple Trees, while it should come under the purview of the President. I am clueless how things are happening” he said.

He also said that there was an agreement that Cabinet portfolios will be given to all the political parties which supported the forming of the Maithripala Government. “They neglected my party; Liberal Party as well as the Up-Country People’s Front,” Wijesinha said. He further said that he remained in the government, as he needs to clean the system, but decided to vacate the ministerial post because he realized that it was embarrassing to hold on to it.

He also said that Minister Hashim had offered his cabinet portfolio to him (Wijesinha) during the last phone conversation they had, but that was not a requirement. 

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