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FLSP dismisses Drug Policy Bill

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Move to privatize health sector

Despite the National Medicinal Drugs Regulatory Authority Bill (better known as the National Drugs Policy Bill) being passed in Parliament, the Frontline Socialist Party (FLSP) has dismissed it as a bill which seeks to privatize the health sector.

Frontline Socialist Party Propaganda Secretary, Pubudu Jayagoda alleged that the drug policy was passed in Parliament in an undemocratic manner.

He also remarked that this can also be considered as a way to privatize the Health Sector.

He added, “According to 100-Day program, the National Drug Policy was due to be passed on March 13 after 35 days’ debating. But the Cabinet approval was given on February 6. Also the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) and trade unions were prevented from going through the bill. The proposed amendments were also not accepted.”

 He also alleged that the new policy does not include clauses about price controlling or limiting the use of brand names while affirming that the policy will help exploit the public. Meanwhile, Galle MP Ajith Kumara who represents FLSP in Parliament and who was the only MP to vote against the bill said it has many weak points.

According to the MP, the bill will include an authority which will include 13 officials which the Prime Minister will have power to remove and appoint any time. He said that this will give the prime minister too much power.

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