New Officers’ Mess with modern facilities

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 ‘Spirit’ the new Station Officers' Mess that was constructed under the full supervision and guidance of the Commander Security Force (Wanni) and Competent Authority for Displaced Personnel in the Northern Province, Major General M H S B Perera RWP RSP USP ndu psc, with all the modern facilities, such as 3D Conference Hall, Lobby, VVIP Rooms, VIP Rooms and dining Hall. The mess was declared open by State Minister of Defense, Ruwan Wijewardene recently. ‘Spirit’ is built by taking all the possible efforts to preserve the beauty of the nature as well as selecting the appropriate place. As a nature lover, Commander Security Force (The Wanni) closely supervised the construction to blend with Natural environment. This elegant designing a classic landscape marvel has brought a fascinating experience as well as it has added a value to Security Force Headquarters (The Wanni).

To add more color to the New Officers’ Mess, they have created a garden clock which shows you the correct time in all 24 hours. It is a great imagination of the Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Regiment as all digits is shown by colorful and beautiful flowers while the electricity has been provided for its hands to run. This machine is connected to a computer system, enabling it to show the correct time even after an unexpected power failure.

The magnificent replica of Sri Lanka built in a pond is another significant and enchanting creation constructed by the Corps of Engineer Services of the Sri Lanka Army at the new mess premises. One who takes a bird’s eye view really sees the island nation with all its geographical significances and its natural beauty such as mountains, rivers, jungles and major reservoirs.

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