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SLFP challenges UNP on ethanol allegations

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Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Media Spokesman and MP Dilan Perera challenged the United National Party (UNP) to prove allegations that several MPs had imported ethanol without paying taxes.

MP Perera told The Nation that the UNP keeps making allegations regarding ethanol and drugs but pointed out no action had been taken thus far. According to the MP, the allegations are made only to bring political mileage to the party.

The MP made this remark when The Nation queried about the allegation made by Finance Minister Ravi Karunananayake in Parliament that four MPs had imported ethanol without paying taxes.

He also further said that when Wele Suda was made to give a statement about Duminda Silva regarding the allegations of drugs case the former drug baron had also listed 12 other names. Among these names were two or three MPs who belonged to the UNP. But no action was taken against them. The MP further alleged that they should challenge this by trying to prove the ethanol cases.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunayake had spoken on Thursday regarding the case, saying the four MPs had brought ethanol into the country without paying taxes and going against tender procedure.

According to reports in the year 2014, up to 13.6 million liters of ethanol was imported in to the country. (SI)

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