100 Day Program 60% possible - Cabinet Steering Committee

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High level steering committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers to monitor the 100 Day Work Program claimed that 60 percent of the program can be completed within the 100 days. The Department of Project Management and Monitoring of Ministry of Finance and Planning will be the monitoring arm for the 100day program. The Director General, Dharshan Senanayake who is a member of the committee said that 25 tasks have already been completed as promised by the 100-day work program.

“We have monitored that 25 out of the 100 tasks have been implemented and initial action has been taken with regards to another 20 tasks,” said Senanayake.

Salary increase of the public servants by Rs.10, 000, removal of excessive taxes on 10 essential food items and current taxes on fuel and reduction of the price of a domestic gas cylinder are some of the tasks which have already been implemented.

It was also revealed that an action has been taken with regards to every task which is laid down in the 100day work program. The public can access the progress of the 100day work program including the latest updates of the program through

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