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Police tries to arrest victim

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Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne case

Neurosurgeon Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne who allegedly attacked a woman last month (February 28) at a hotel in Colombo has filed counter charges against the person she attacked, the victim’s family claims. Speaking to The Nation, victim Rhonda de Ley said the Police had attempted to arrest her last week on the charges of assault based on a statement made by Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne to the Police.

“A statement had been made to the Police claiming my sister had attacked Dr. Maheshi’s mother” said brother of the victim Jivan Goonetilleke adding that it was then the Police attempted to arrest de Ley on charges of assault. However the family claims that the Police refused to show them the statement made and when challenged retracted the charges against de Ley.

According to Goonetilleke Dr. Wijeratne’s side has changed the story claiming that it was in fact another person who attacked Dr. Wijeratne’s mother and while trying to prevent the attack de Ley a bystander was hurt unintentionally. “Dr. Wijeratne’s mother has now admitted herself to hospital a month after the attack” he said.

Despite Dr. Wijeratne’s claims Rhonda de Ley maintains that she was attacked on the day by the neurosurgeon while many parties claim that Dr. Wijeratne who gained publicity after she treated MP Duminda Silva, who was injured in a shooting incident has attempted to avoid responsibility of the attack. Police Media Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara was not available for comment regarding the matter.

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