Ranil backtracks on Port City

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Despite an initial claim made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on December 16, 2014 that the US $1.5 billion Port City project would be completely scrapped under their government, the Prime Minister last week confirmed that the project would not be stopped but was ‘only under review’.

 “Most thought that we were wrong to touch the Port City. It is not to stop it but to only re-look at the terms they were agreed upon,” the Prime Minister said in a speech made at a business gathering last week. Prior to the Presidential elections, the Prime Minister had, however, vowed to scrap the project because he claimed it would end up destroying the coastal belt from Negombo to Beruwala.

“It now seems that the Prime Minister has taken a step back by scrapping the idea of scrapping the Port City,” a political observer quipped.

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