Sri Lanka ranks 88 in SPI

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The Social Progress Index ranks Sri Lanka 88th out of 133 countries, and 28 countries with partial data. The index measures a country’s standing with regard to basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity.

Sri Lanka’s total social progress index is 60.10, with basic human needs at 71.12, foundations of wellbeing at 67.03 and opportunity at 42.14. According to the index, Sri Lanka possesses a relative weakness in many categories including undernourishment, food deficit, political rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, access to piped water and mobile telephone subscriptions.

However, Sri Lanka showed relative strength with regard to upper secondary school enrollment, level of violent crime and globally ranked universities. Looking at neighboring countries, India was ranked 101st, with a score of 53.06, Pakistan was ranked 122nd with a score of 45.66, Afghanistan was ranked 131st with a score of 35.40 and Bangladesh was ranked 100th with a score of 53.39.

Norway was ranked first with a score of 88.36. Last year, Sri Lanka scored at 59.2, with basic human needs at 70.01, foundations of well-being at 6.13 and opportunity at 41.45. The Social Progress Index is presented by the Social Progress Imperative, and the advisory board consists of Michael E Porter (Chair), Matthew Bishop, Hernando de Soto, Judith Rodin, Scott Stern and Ngaire Woods.

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