New Year celebrations in Vienna

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Reinforcing the theme of unity, reconciliation and peace, over 300 Sri Lankans in Austria came together in Vienna, joined by the Austrian community and friends of Sri Lanka, to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year on April 11(Saturday), 2015 at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Vienna.

Addressing what was an eventful all-day program organised together with Vienna Dhamma Zentrum and the Sri Lankan community, Ambassador ALA Azeez, Sri Lanka’s envoy in Vienna, elaborated on the progress made, and measures currently underway, to strengthen Sri Lanka’s resilient, inclusive national fabric under the pragmatic leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena. Ambassador Azeez stressed that the time-tested, diverse social and cultural features of Sri Lanka, combined with their intrinsic tenets and values, provided the bedrock on which national togetherness and reconciliation were being cemented.

The Sri Lanka New Year program was held in two components. The morning program started with a religious event, where all of Sri Lanka’s faiths were represented. Religious rites invoking blessings were conducted by the Most Ven. Dr. Wijayarajapura Seelawansa Thera, Ven. Nipponzan Myohoji Gyosei Masunaga, Shri Bimal Kundu, Rev. Abbot Gregor Heckel-Donnersmarck and Imam Vehid Podojak.

At the multi-faceted cultural component that followed, a Sri Lanka cultural troupe based in Milan, comprising Pavithra, Kaushalya, Kawyanli and Sajith de Silva enthralled the audience with their traditional dance forms on the theme of peace and unity as well as with a Sinhala folk dance.  Representing Tamil culture, Ms. Kumudini Kaindal, who was born in Batticaloa in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, performed a classical dance as well as a special dance devoted to the theme of ‘peace for people of Sri Lanka and children of our future’. Her two performances and the Bharathanatyam and semi-classical dances staged by Ms. Ponraj Nageswari and Ms. Geetha Anandan Chinmaya were praised by the audience. A group of Sri Lankan children in Austria also performed a dance, welcoming the dawn of New Year, much to the applause of all.

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