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Bahu’s National flag comment

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Swarna Hansa Foundation

Swarna Hansa Foundation Chief, Gallage Punyawardana in a statement claimed that Leader of the New Sama Samaja Party, Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne should apologize to the Sinhala nation and withdraw immediately his ‘mad dog talk’ over the national flag of Sri Lanka.

Punyaweardna claimed that he watched on a television channel that the Dr. Karunaratne ‘identifying the lion of the Lion Flag as a dog,” and he added that it is an unbelievable shock to the entire Sinhala Nation and cannot be expected from such a statement from any citizen of the country. “On behalf of the Sinhala Nation, the Swarna Hansa Foundation totally and unhesitatingly condemns this uncivilized beastly utterance. It is an utter disgrace to the Sinhala nation,” his statement said.
Contacted by The Nation, Dr. Karunaratne said that he never made comments over the national flag of Sri Lanka or the lion flag. “The National flag and the lion flag are two different flags. What those so called patriots brought was something else. I didn’t see that two stripes in green and orange in the flags which those demonstrators including the Bhikku brought. Further, the background was complete red. Is that the national flag?” Dr. Karunaratne said.

He admitted that he used that word as it was not the national flag or lion flag. He also added that the same demonstrators were shouting against the government that arrest and punish the ones that destroyed the country’s public funds for unwanted and personal things. “When the government takes actions to question those allegations, suddenly one group becomes patriots. Who can tolerate this kind of jokes,” Dr. Karunaratne questioned.

However, Punyawardene claimed that the flag which they brought was one of the first Sri Lankan national flags which was even hoisted by DS Senanayake at an independence day and the statement was against the Sinhalese and Sinhala Nation. He reiterated that Sinhalese is not a nation to tolerate such imprudent statements and the nation is waiting for an apology.

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