Registration of Vesak Dansals compulsory - CMC

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The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) has announced that it is mandatory for organizers to register all Vesak Dansals (offering free meals for devotees who come on worshipping the religious places) which they wish to operate within the Colombo Municipality area.

Chief Medical Officer of the Colombo Municipal Council, Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni said that all those wishing to host and organize Dansals would first need to obtain approval and be registered with the CMC.

He added that the decision pertaining to the registration was taken to ensure food safety during the Vesak week. He also added that medical officers and PHIs would inspect the Dansals even after they’ve been given registrations to ensure that basic standards of hygiene and food safety are met. He also added that they had the process even last year and was capable of making sure a hygienic and healthy meal for the devotees. “Not only the food, the water, the place and how they operate whole the proceedings will be monitored by the inspection teams”, added by the CMC Chief Medical Officer.

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