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North to incentivize dairy production

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Only one fourth of approximately 40,000 dairy farms in the North produce milk for commercial purposes over the past five years, producing approximately 70,000 liters of milk, according to the Northern Provincial Department for Animal Production and Health. Provincial Director of the Department, Dr. S. Vaseegaran speaking to The Nation stated that the government was focusing on the remaining 30,000 farms in order to improve their productivity and also the quality of their cattle.

“There are 10,000 farms in the five districts of the Northern Province which produce dairy products on a commercial basis. The others focus on very small scale production,” he said.

He added that even though the rate at which dairy production had increased dramatically over the past five years, the quantity of production is inadequate compared to the rest of the country. “The 10,000 farms produce 70,000 liters of milk daily,” he added.

“We are conducting artificial insemination on the cattle on a subsidized rate of Rs.50. These are part of the program to improve the quality of the cattle and their products,” Dr. Vaseegaran added.
He also pointed out that many of the farmers in the region lacked the necessary facilities and the knowledge to improve their standards in terms of cattle and dairy products. “We are looking into that aspect as well. The conditions under which the cattle need to be looked after are also an integral part of their development,” he added.

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