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Rohana Seneviratne wins Saraswati Sanskrit Prize 2012

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Rohana Seneviratne, lecturer in Sanskrit at the Department of Classical Languages of the University of Peradeniya and currently a doctoral student in Sanskrit at the University of Oxford, UK won the prestigious Saraswati Sanskrit Prize 2012. The Saraswati Sanskrit Prize is a biannual award instituted in 2008 by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in India together with the Department of Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology), University of Heidelberg in Germany to recognize the contribution of students in Europe in promoting the understanding of Sanskrit and to foster deeper appreciation of the Indian heritage. At the official award ceremony held in New Delhi on March 25, 2013, Seneviratne received his prize from Dr. Karan Singh, president of the ICCR and titular Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. The prize also included a 10 day visit to India with all hospitality from the ICCR.

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