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Nugegoda Rally

The rally held in Nugegoda on February 18 was history making. It was a well-attended gathering with a massive crowd probably close to 50,000 filling up all the space available in the built up town center.    People from distant places like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Badulla and Amparai had come as revealed by the attendance books placed in various places in the rally grounds for people to sign-up.

Nugegoda would not have seen a rally of this size any time in the past. That was the talk of the town people. The massive crowd was orderly and well behaved. It took several hours of walking to go from one end to another in the town center to get some idea of the numbers assembled. It was thick mass of persons representing a good cross-section of politically-awakened public.

What did the rally convey? This is perhaps the most crucial issue that one can read in from the faces of thousands that attended the rally. They all want Mahinda Rajapaksa to come back and lead. This is well orchestrated by the crowd, whenever the speakers mentioned his name: the laud cry of Mahinda, Mahinda, apata owne’. This was very noticeable even from the thick crowds, squeezed into all nooks and corners of the town center. The cry was spontaneous one can say.
What exactly was the massage delivered thus to the world at large? They want Mahinda back and lead the nation and take the country on the development path already planned and achieve the high status, which people want the country to be in South Asia. The people at the rally appeared to express the view that they were deceived on January 8 to believing that the change was going to be super fine virtually, almost close to a heaven, after 100- day program. But they say now that they are confused and so is the country they said.

They elected a new SLFP President, Maithripala Sirisena and expected the development process that Mahinda had begun to continue without a break under the same SLFP administration. The people at the rally said that they did not elect a UNP government led by the Opposition leader, who they have rejected at many elections earlier.

In a way the people are very correct. Where on earth can a government be changed without consent of the people? What really has happened to democratic process? A government changed by outside forces, where parliamentary majority is circumvent by outsiders in conspiracy. The Government installed by a well-hatched coup. Thus it is a government formed by a coup, where voters have no say whatsoever.

Can any one with a sound mind say the voters in Sri Lanka elected the present UNP government led by the Opposition leader to administer the country? Where is consent of people? What kind of parliamentary democracy is this? Is this the basis of so called good governance that many like to have in government? Bullshit. This is the result of a coup hatched by hell bent group of political yakos, who are unable to capture power otherwise, in a legitimate manner. Surely this can be challenged legally and put things in correct place, SLFP to administer till the general election is due and the UNP to be in the Opposition as usual, where they may be more comfortable.

This is the basic message that the rally conveyed to the world at large. People want development projects to continue without a break instead of witch hunting, as it is done now, confusing and muddling things in the country. The people desire stability and steady development process, and not mere politics.

The rally held in Nugegoda on February 18 was history making. It was a well-attended gathering with a massive crowd, probably close to 50,000, that filled up all the space available in the built up town center. (File photo)

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