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Political Darwinism and the plight of Sri Lankans

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PM Ranil Wickremesinghe PM Ranil Wickremesinghe

President Maithripala Sirisena was elected with 6.2 defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa with 5.8. We all know what Rajapaksa was trying to defend. It was a corrupt regime where the economic resources of the country were stagnating around a few families connected to the Rajapaksas. The former president tried to fool the public by using giant cutouts, state and private media, donation of public property, using of public property for campaigns. They even went on to donate sil redi (religious garbs) to unsuspecting upasaka ammas. We are lucky to have defeated those in power who did not respect law, public interest, culture, history and even the environment.

President Sirisena was elected not because he was good, but because Rajapaksa was bad. Now this gave an undue opportunity for Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe and his battalion to go on the rampage. The yaha palanaya group has failed miserably in living up to the transparency level that was expected of them. The treasury bonds deal was a bigger fraud than the ones allegedly performed by the earlier government. The BIASED committee appointed to investigate the scandal declared that “there seem to be no DIRECT involvement of Arjun Mahendran” in this issue, which in turn suggests that INDIRECT involvement was there.

During the process of seeking concurrence of the cabinet, Champika Ranawaka is said to have inquired about the appointing of Mahendran, a figure alleged to have an infamous history with the previous regime. It is said that the new premier had given a personal assurance to the Cabinet that he will bear full responsibility concerning the appointing of the Central Bank Governor.

The Governor having indirect involvement in dodgy issuance of treasury bonds should be sacked in the first place and secondly should undergo legal procedure even though he is not a citizen of Sri Lanka. If the Yaha Palanaya lives up to public expectation, the Prime Minister who had given a personal assurance to hire a non citizen who has a grey history, as the Central Bank Governor, should also be held accountable.

If such a fraud was exposed in Japan, the Prime Minister would have performed Hara Kiri by now. Knowing that this is the Dharma Dveepa (Holy country) that does not accept committing suicide as an answer to problems and as a country that has no culture of accepting responsibility and resigning with dignity, Sri Lanka will see more of Wickramasinghe.

Therefore, the best description for the current proceedings would be “horunta horu kiyana horu” (thieves calling others thieves thieves). This is not what the people aspired. A majority of parliamentarians representing all major parties have failed their voters. Time will soon come to field test Political Darwinism where people will democratically select or de-select their representatives who would in turn take decisions on their behalf.

In a country that has invested heavily on education and health, immunization and literacy, people are supposed to be better informed and act logically. One never gets to embrace logic when walking or driving along streets of Sri Lanka. It is a true representation of what decision they would make in the upcoming election. They are likely to vote and elect the same set of politicians with a questionable past who have escaped law with political clout. They may come in different attire and in different colors, but they will all come to grab not a buck, but a billion or more.

The unfortunate reality is that there will be hundreds and thousands who will not only vote, but will also help the rogues and thugs to come to power and rob us in broad daylight as they are accustomed to. This process will well lead the country towards disaster with fewer resources available for the generations to come. With an increasing population, diminishing resources and ever deteriorating level of social justice, it is likely that the country will experience another phase of unrest followed by an episode of bloodshed. 

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