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Changing attitudes

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Communal feelings helped Political parties to gain power in Sinhala dominated areas Communal feelings helped Political parties to gain power in Sinhala dominated areas (Picture -AFP)

Two Nations for one people

Regardless of the terms and conditions that may be imposed, the indication by a responsible TNA politician about a possibility of a ‘National Government’ is truly a heartwarming development. It is a sign of a series of positive changes in attitudes. The fears that arose in the minds of any rational and truly peace-loving citizen shall now be allayed gradually. It will be a National Government of one people.

Mankind has now entered an era of mutual respect and inter-dependency, and it is not going to be a case of trying to outsmart other countries and not to be outsmarted. The future is going to be an era of sharing and caring. It is a trend that applies anywhere.

The history is full of changes that affected people in different degrees, and the ‘roles’ of the governments had to be tuned to survive in ‘Global Economic Hurricanes’. Although it is not admitted openly, that was what happened. The measures implemented to survive naturally affected the people very adversely.

In the struggle for survival, the governments were pressed for solutions, but were always restricted by the unavoidable political developments. How can a country develop if there is no national harmony? Stop-gap measures and patch-work systems gave countries only temporary relief.

In Sri Lanka too, governments were changed and political parties came into power by convincing people about superficial aspects while disregarding the negative realities. Communal feelings helped Political parties to gain power in Sinhala dominated areas while some, among the Tamil people, who claimed to be their champions, made sure that the hatred was preserved. Among both, only the Socialists promoted equality but in the process became branded as ‘traitors’.

While all those happened, the people rejected some because they felt that they suffered too much and in that rejection who came into power could not deliver. The end result was that the people had to suffer with the experimentations. We have already learnt enough lessons. Nothing positive will happen, unless and otherwise this country has peace.

Now, the trend seems to be changing and it is definitely a positive change in attitudes. People are not going to be guinea-pigs anymore.

Right path
Although it is the geographical reality what matters at the end is that this nation has stayed ideologically divided for too long.  A National Government is the only way to keep the diverse factions together.

We are already capable of producing enough food for our own consumption. However, if we re-examine our potential against what we are experiencing, we shall see that we miss a lot of opportunities. How much land has stayed abandoned, and for how long?  How much food did we import over the years? It cannot be addressed without having our minds set on realities and targets. Mobilising the resources of our whole nation has to be geared to meet the needs of the people, all of them. That can be done only with dedication. It comes only with the right kind of understanding as the success depends on the attitudes.

Same objectives
When the political leadership has become one and all see the same objectives, the administration infrastructure cannot go astray. Honestly, do we have a really efficient administrative structure in Sri Lanka? Although we have highly impressive systems with bureaucrats, how many of those have understood the real needs of this nation? The sickening culture that evolved in the past resulted in bureaucrats ready to dance to the music provided by the clueless politicians.

With the concept of a ‘National Government’, we will have a set of politicians who will become accountable to people and as they would be pursuing national goals, the whole country shall be watching.

However, just the combination of the UNP and TNA will not be a national government, but a coalition. It has to be in a broader sense and the participation should be enveloping all the political parties elected by the people. That will be the only way to ensure a true sense of a national government. Bureaucracy will fall in line.

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