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Parent takes Trinity to Court over cricketers’ misconduct

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The Additional Magistrate, Kandy has directed the Kandy Police to investigate a complaint by a parent of two Trinity College cricketers against the school’s chief cricket coach Sampath Perera and the principal alleging that they had turned a blind eye to the Trinity first eleven cricketers continued consumption of  liquor and visiting brothels during their tour of Malaysia recently.

The magistrate made this order last Monday after Tyronne Percival Weerasuriya of DC 71, Ampitiya filed a written complaint through police to this effect.
In his complaint, 42-year old Weerasuriya, who is a businessman by profession, has stated that his two sons Praveen Weerasuriya and Tyronne Weerasuriya are students of Trinity College and members of the college First XI cricket team, and, having found out that the cricketers consume alcohol and smoke, he had complained to the chief coach Sampath Perera who had failed to take any action. Furthermore, the team physiotherapist had also reported to the relevant college authorities that the cricketers had visited brothels and clubs during a tour of Malaysia recently. The complainant had gone on to state that he had copies of the written complaint by the physiotherapist. But since the chief cricket coach had failed to take any action on this he (complainant) had brought it to the notice of the principal in writing. He had further tabled these facts at a cricketers parents meeting subsequently. At this meeting the parents had observed that the chief cricket coach was in the habit of smoking at the Asgiriya cricket ground during practices. The principal too accepted this fact but he remained silent protecting the coach.

The complainant further stated that the principal was serving on a forged certificate and that he is not a brigadier as made out by him and that when he went on retirement, a gazette notification stated that he was a colonel. He also stated that the principal has in all his correspondence submitted fraudulent certificates that he is a brigadier and had submitted a false certificate that he possesses an engineering diploma, and that the Education Ministry had issued a letter to him stating that he had no qualifications whatsoever to serve as the college principal, which he had hidden.The magistrate subsequently made an order directing the DIG Central Province to conduct a full probe into the complaint and report to Court on the matter on March 13.

Meanwhile, the Trinity Principal Udaya Ariyaratne, when asked to comment, said, “The physio who informed of cricketer misbehavior by an affidavit has since resigned and failed to turn up before a committee of inquiry appointed by me. Therefore, we are unable to go into it. But the fact remains that the college cricket team has maintained a fine record on the cricket field.”As to the allegation that he had forged certificates stating that he is a brigadier, he said, “In that case the Army should court-martial me. For the record, I served the Army for 25 years including on the battle field. Further, it is the Trinity Board of Directors that appointed me.”

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