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No issues with four year term

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The new Sports Minister Navin Dissanayake and the National Olympic Committee (NOC) will work together to make the necessary changes to the sports law that has been instructed for by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during the term of former Sports Minister.

It was the former minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage who had made the changes to certain laws and had been passed in Parliament and gazetted thereafter. The change to the law states that no official can prolong their term in any sports association for more than two terms of two years each.

This move was welcomed by those who held office at that time and there were no issues in its implementation. All those who held office at that time have completed that four year term and are now complaining that a four year term is insufficient. This is because they cannot contest again at the next AGM that should be held by May 15.

The IOC has not given a deadline to make changes to the sports law regarding the term of office for a person. However, the NOC and the Minister are working to make the changes that may take another two months.

One clause to be changed is that the government cannot interfere in the election process and cannot elect their man into office. All have to be elected in a democratic manner.

There is no big deal in this process and the sports minister is working towards maintaining a democratic process at these elections. Nevertheless, the sports minister is there to oversee and punish any malpractices and irregularities during the conduct of affairs of any association.

All sports associations are obliged to follow certain procedures laid down by the ministry, such as submitting of annual accounts and progress reports. If these procedures are not followed doesn’t the minister have the power to take necessary action?

The minister has also the right to question on the progress of the sport and where it stands internationally. If no progress is made the officials at the top must give way to new blood who can put in new ideas and improve the sport.

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