Zuhair returns with a double win

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Zuhair displaying the prowess of the ER6 Zuhair displaying the prowess of the ER6

Sajaad Zuhair won a double in his pet event SLH 1600 at the Foxhill Supercross in Diyatalawa go give team EZY Racing a good start to the 2015 season.

This team had retained their driver duo of Zuhair and Dilan Seneviratne for the third successive season earned four podium finishes in five races to keep their reputation.

Zuhair who was driving the Mobil powered ER 6 in the SLH 1600 and the ER 2 in the SLS 1500 events had mixed qualifying sessions and qualified first and fourth in the events.

Zuhair had his usual start by converting his pole position into an easy win in race first of the SLH 1600 events by leading from start to finish over Damith Weerasinghe and Upulwan Serasinghe.

Dilan Seneviratne was a failure but has achieved a huge change in his approach and is hungry to win.

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