DFCC retain Mercantile Service Basketball crown

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The DFCC Group were crowned as the Mercantile Service Basketball champions at the Mercantile knock-out tournament recently. They defeated NTB 62-52 in the final that was played with great enthusiasm and display of quality skills.

DFCC consisted of senior players who demonstrated their superior skills in court craft. Two of their players namely Timothy Nilushan was crowned ‘Player of the Tournament’ while Terrence Neydorff was adjudged as ‘Player of the Final’ for their valuable contributions.

This year, the DFCC Group made history by clinching both the league and knock-out titles. DFCC has been a dominant force at the tournament in the recent past and has performed consistently in past seasons. Team Manager Christie Mariathasan and coach Ajith Kuruppu, were commended for their good work. The leadership provided by the coaches inspired the DFCC Group team members and drew out their best efforts. The coaches also ensured that the team was balanced and included many young players.
The DFCC cagers with their CEO Lakshman Silva

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