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March 10, 2013
Hitting all the high notes
Described as one of Sri Lankan’s most prominent and prolific
young film and TV composer, Dinesh Subasinghe speaks to FREE
magazine this week on this newmusic video that just went viral.
about young composers within the musical circle
today. His attempt at carving a niche in the local
music scene through the newly released ‘Ekale –
the one’ has already gone viral with the video re-
ceiving close to 1, 70,000 hits on Youtube to date.
“The new music video displays a unique cin-
ematic concept new to the local music scene,”said
the talented artist. “We’ve used a lot of computer
effects that have not been implemented here be-
fore and the success of the video is attributed to
this talented team that we had on board.”
‘Ekale - The one’ is a semi rock song with
Charmika Sirimanne lending his vocals. Themusic
video on the other handwas created by Ranushka
Fernado from the Digital Line Computer Institute
in Negombo.
“Through this music video we’ve been able to
overcome a lot of obstacles. Doing animations
in green screen is hard to morph, so we’ve suc-
ceeded in getting through the Y access, X and Z
accesses,” he added.
The year 2012 was phenomenal for 3D movies
and for animations, with the likes of The Hobbit,
Snow White, Avengers Assemble and Brave all
making a big impact on the box office. “Ekale is
an attempt at reviving this in our very own way
locally.”He added.
‘We had time to plan, prepare, and shoot what
we wanted. Just like a real video shoot. Natural-
ly, we thought it’d be smoother and far simpler
than the first time around. Our director Ranushka
worked hard, brainstorming with his crew about
the kind of video they wanted and after a few re-
jections he was able to get an idea going through
some more fine tuning,” said Gihan Sethunga
and Dilan Sameera fromDigital Line who devel-
oped the story for the video. “This music video
if flanked by a famous cast including Danan-
jaya Siriwardhana, Vishwa Kodikara, Rajitha
Chamikara, Suresh Gamage, and Niroshan
Dinesh was recently recognized by Su-
mathi Awards in 2012 for his creation
“Pinsara Dostara,”becoming the youngest
winner of the ‘Best Music Director’ Award.
Dinesh is a composer who further diversi-
fied the musical roots of Sri Lanka; he wrote
the first ever Buddhist Ontario in the world.
He is also the only Sri Lankan to
be adjudged the best stu-
dent by the A .R Rahman
Academy (2010).
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