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Trying to abolish the two-ball rule
ne of the problems Asian
countries face prior to the
2015 World Cup is the use
of the present two-ball rule in
One-Day Internationals (ODI) as
their bowlers have not been able
to extract spin nor reverse swing
as the ball never gets old.
The 2015 World Cup is sched-
uled to take place in February-
March in Australia and New Zea-
land where the use of the two-ball
rule will suit the two host coun-
tries as well as England, South
Africa and West Indies, nation’s
that bank on pace, ideally.
Each ball is used for a maxi-
mum of 25 overs only from either
end for a fifty-over match and
that is hardly sufficient to make
the ball wear and tear for the
spinners or the fast bowlers who
use reverse swing to take full ad-
vantage of unlike when only one
ball was used for the entire fifty
The rule has been in existence
since October 2011 and one of the
main countries that are in oppo-
sition of this rule is the all pow-
erful Board of Control for Cricket
in India (BCCI). The BCCI-led
Asian block is strongly against
the rule and want it changed.
India as everyone is aware is
the only country that is opposing
the contentious Decision Review
System (DRS) introduced by the
ICC in 2009.
To overturn an existing two-
ball rule requires a two-third ma-
jority from the 10-member board
and in this aspect the Asian bloc
comprising India, Pakistan, Sri
Lanka and Bangladesh don’t have
the sufficient numbers to change
They will find it difficult to gen-
erate seven votes in its support
as New Zealand, England and
Australia are opposed to it. They
can sure count on the support
from Zimbabwe but South Africa
and West Indies are unlikely to
back the motion. As they did at
the Chief Executives Committee
meeting, they would, at best, ab-
It is very unlikely that the
Asian-bloc will be able to gar-
ner the two-third majority at
the present ICC Executive Board
meeting in London, but neverthe-
less attempts will be made at sub-
sequent meetings to ensure the
Asian-bloc gets its way prior to
the 2015 World Cup. It is certain
to crop up again in January when
the ICC board meeting coincides
with the Chief Executive Com-
mittee’s meeting.
Moves are also afoot to reduce
the role of the ICC president to
that of ambassadorial and to also
dilute the powers of the yet-to-be-
appointed chairman’s post in the
administrative structure of the
game’s governing body to that of
a subsidiary and not one of a pow-
erful administrative head of the
ICC. This would make the ICC’s
Finance and Commercial Affairs
(F&CA) committee all power-
ful. It is the virtual power centre
and the two countries that play a
dominant role in it are India and
England who are pushing strongly
for the dilution of the chairman’s
With the ICC president also re-
duced to a titular head the world
bodywill in all probability be run by
the F&CA, a commercial arm of the
ICC which looks after the commer-
cial and financial aspects and which
India and England are members of.
The role of the ICC president
to be ambassadorial is a move in
conformity with the Lord Woolf
report which was given the task
of coming out with suggestions
over the governance of the ICC.
But it seems the majority of the
suggestions made by the Woolf
report have been confined to the
dustbin and only those that are
favourable to the ICC’s most pow-
erful members are implemented,
otherwise why is the creation of
an independent board of direc-
tors unacceptable to the majority
of the membership?
Among the wide range of topics
that will be discussed over the week-
end at the ICC Board meeting will
be the venue inspection report of
the progress of construction work
at the venues for the ICC World
Twenty20 scheduled in Bangladesh
in March 2014. Bangladesh is sched-
uled to host ICC T20 matches at four
venues Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet
and Cox’s Bazar. Sylhet and Cox’s
Bazar (which is under construction)
have not hosted any international
cricket matches. The ICC last year
named South Africa and Sri Lanka
as potential venues if Bangladesh
fails to have the venues ready in
time. India has also offered to host
the world event in case Bangladesh
fails to meet the deadline of Septem-
ber 2013. The venue inspection re-
port which will be tabled at the ICC
Boardmeetingwill decidewhere the
next World T20 will be held.
Chris Dhambarage
sipathana College with a
fine blend of youth and ex-
perience is hoping to make
amends for last year’s setback
and maintain an unbeaten re-
cord in the current inter-school
under-19 cricket season.
They have shown a lot of prom-
ise this season and have almost
completed the third term fixtures
successfully with an unbeaten
record having recorded first in-
nings wins against St. Joseph’s,
Mahanama, Zahira, Bandaranay-
ake MV Gampaha and St. Serva-
tius Matara.
In addition they also went on
to take major honours in the
match against St. Benedict’s Col-
lege at Kotahena where they re-
covered from an early disaster to
post a healthy 228 runs in their
first innings and then had the op-
position struggling at 71 for 5 in
The most significant feature in
their performances this season
is the kind of form displayed by
their newcomers who have been
able to outsmart some of their
more senior players through
their splendid individual contri-
In fact fresher and left-hand
middle order batsman Pramod
Maduwantha has emerged as
their most successful batsman so
far having accumulated nearly
four hundred runs inclusive of
four half-centuries against St.
Servatius Matara, Bandaranay-
ake MV Gampaha, Mahanama
and St. Joseph’s.
Another promising player Sa-
chin Jayasuriya has also struck
early form while scoring a maid-
en hundred against Zahira Col-
lege and then followed up with
two half-centuries against Mah-
anama and Bandaranayake MV
Gampaha respectively.
All-rounder Torry Tharindu
also has lived up to expecta-
tions as a talented player hav-
ing struck three half-centuries
already against Bandaranayake
MV Gampaha, Zahira College
and St. Servatius College Mata-
The key to Isipathana’s success
so far has been their tremendous
batting depth with another all-
rounder Ushan Perera also prov-
ing his class while stroking three
vital fifties against Mahanama,
Bandaranayake MV Gampaha
and St. Servatius Matara.
The Isipathana College bowl-
ing attack has also shown a
great amount of improvement
compared to last season and has
realised the importance of dis-
missing the opposition well in-
side two sessions in an attempt
to force an outright victory.
Left-arm spinner Madushan
Chameera is undoubtedly their
key bowler having already
snapped over 21 wickets from the
six outings inclusive of two five-
wicket hauls against St. Joseph’s
and Bandaranayake MV Gam-
He has been well supported by
the off-spinner Torry Tharindu
who has captured more then
four wickets in an innings on
three occasions against St. Ser-
vatius Matara, Bandaranayake
MV Gampaha and Mahanama
Skipper and senior coloursman
Kaminda Perera is another effec-
tive right-arm off-spinner having
struck a couple of vital blows in
the previous outings and is al-
ways looking to improve on his
overall performances.
Vice captain Kelum Bastiansz
and all rounder Ushan Perera
are the other senior coloursmen
in the side which also includes
a couple of second year players
who are determined to cement
their place in the team.
Last year of course Isipathana
went through a pretty ordinary
season and also suffered three
outright defeats and managed to
register just a solitary win over
President’s College Rajagiriya.
But this time they have turned
things around under the guid-
ance of new coach Pradeep Nis-
hantha and are very much on the
right track towards building a
formidable combination in their
ultimate goal towards winning
next year’s important Big Match
against the traditional rivals
Thurstan College.
The Isipathana College First
XI Cricket Squad for 2013/14
Kaminda Perera (captain), Ke-
lum Bastiansz (vice captain),
Ushan Perera, Madushan Cha-
minda, Torry Tharindu, Danura
Dheelaka, Sahan Dileepa, Davis
Imesha, Subhara Dhakshina, Ro-
mesh Ranasinghe, Avinda de Soy-
sa, Sachin Jayasuriya, Pramod
Maduwantha, Venushka Chamal,
Purna Basitha, Thushan Nir-
mana, Dinuka Shihan, Mohamed
Shabarkhan, Vinu Randula, Ma-
lintha Madushan, Mahela de
Silva, Sandula Abeywickrema,
Pradeep Nishantha (coach), Gay-
an Niroshan (Assistant Coach),
Janaka Bandara (Master in
Upcoming fixtures:
October 21/22: v De Mazenod at
October 28/29: v St. Peter’s at
December 30/31: v Lumbini at
BRC ground
January 20/21: v Trinity at BRC
January 24/25: v D. S. Senanay-
ake at Wijerama Mawatha
January 31/February 1: v S. de
S. Jayasinghe MV at BRC ground
February 7/8: v Royal Panadu-
ra at Panadura
February 14/15: v Royal at Reid
February 21/22: v President’s
College at Rajagiriya
Thurstan (Big Match) at SSC
March 9: v Thurstan (one day)
at P. Sara Oval
(Twenty20) at Colts/Thurstan
Is the tide turning for
Pathana cricket?
The Isipathana College First XI Cricket Squad for 2013/14 season (Pic by Ravindra Dharmatilleke)
Kaminda Perera (captain)
Pradeep Nishantha (coach)
To overturn an existing two-ball rule
requires a two-third majority from the
10-member board and in this aspect the
Asian bloc comprising India, Pakistan,
Sri Lanka and Bangladesh don’t have the
sufficient numbers to change it.
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