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Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Rukshana Rizwi
The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA)
made compulsory for all paint manufactur-
ers and traders to explicitly label its content
and ensure lead levels are within stipulated
limits, environmentalists, however, suggest
this may just be a whitewash.
The gazette notification which came into
effect on September 1, the CAA directs
all manufacturers and traders of paints,
varnishes and solvents should contain in-
formation such as the batch number, date
of manufacture, expiry dates, volume and
maximum retail price (MRP).
In addition to the information above,
the packaging (bottles, canisters or pack)
should also have the level of lead content in
mg/kg printed legibly. “While we welcome
this move by the CAA which demonstrates
their willingness to ensure the safety of
consumers, we have valid concerns regard-
ing its implementation and especially false
labeling,” said Hemantha Withanage who
heads the Center for Environmental Justice
Withanage cautioned against labeling
the level of lead in mg/kg in the gazette
notification and cited that it would be more
effective if the lead levels were reported in
ppm (parts per million) which consumers
are familiar with. based on reports regard-
ing the recent gazette notification, it was
also slated that Minister of Co-operatives
and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando had
also instructed the CAA to take legal action
against errant traders who do not follow the
“The regulation was originally supposed
to come into effect in January, last year,” he
said. “However, even now we’ve found very
old paint with lead being sold in the market
especially in the rural areas.” He cited that
the CEJ has requested the authority to take
immediate action to remove the existing
paint from shelves but to no avail.
On probing further, the CAA actually
backtracks to an old gazette notification
implying the same. The CAA issued similar
guidelines for lead in paints in response to
an FR application filed in Supreme Court by
the CEJ back in February, 2011.
The guidelines slated during that time
stipulated that the permissible maximum
lead content paints for toys and accessories
for children (soluble in HCI acid) is 90 mg/
kg, Enamel Paints 600 mg/kg, Emulsion
Paints for Exterior use 90 mg/kg, Emulsion
Paints for Interior use 90 mg/kg and Floor
Paints 600 mg/kg.
The court case prompted the CAA to pub-
lish a Government Gazette Extraordinary
No. 1725/30 on September 30, 2011 regulat-
ing permissible maximum lead content on
the paints and accessories which was to
come into effect from January 1, 2013.
CAA regulations on
paint-labeling a whitewash?
Maneshka Borham
Police are on the hunt for persons that
egged on the individual who attacked two
Police officers in Pettah on September 17,
the Police said. Individuals gathered at the
incident could be heard encouraging the
individual to attack the Police officers in
a video recorded on a mobile phone by a
“We are gathering the evidence through
the video footage to identify these suspects,”
SSP Ajith Rohana said adding that they
would be charged with aiding and abetting
the individual to physically harm the Police
officersonduty. “Actionwill be takenagainst
these individuals after further investiga-
tions and arrests will be made,” he said.
The Police Sergeant and Constable at-
tached to the Pettah Police Station, who
were tried to apprehend the individual, sus-
tained injuries fromthe incident. They have
been admitted and are currently receiving
treatment at the National Hospital in Co-
lombo. According to SSP Ajith Rohana, the
person was enraged after he was asked not
to violate traffic regulations and set upon
the police officers.
The two officers had been on traffic duty
at China Street in Pettah when the 27-year-
old male Naushad Fahim, a resident of
Mabola, Wattala, had attempted to enter a
one way traffic diversion around 12.45 p.m.
onWednesday. The officers had blocked him
from entering the street. As a result the in-
dividual had attacked the Police officers
and attempted to flee the scene, SSP Rohana
said. While the incident drew a crowd, cer-
tain persons in the video could be heard egg-
ing on the individual to assault the officers
while some others could be heard asking
him not to flee. The man could also be seen
resisting arrest claiming his innocence.
The suspect has been charged with using
criminal force on a government servant and
has been remanded till September 30, the
Spokesperson said.
Attack on Pettah police officers
Inciters to be apprehended
Four soldiers were killed and one other
was injured when an earth embankment
collapsed and fell on them at the Ambe-
pussa camp yesterday.
Ruwan Wanigasooriya told
The Nation
that the incident occurred yesterday af-
ternoon when the soldiers were at work
near the embankment within the camp
He further stated that the injured sol-
dier was receiving treatment and was
said to be out of danger. He stated that
the reason for the collapse was being in-
vestigated but however stated that the in-
cident could have occurred due to rains
experienced in the region.
Falling earth mound
kills four soldiers
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